*Language Warning* Bill Donohue: Muslims Have ‘Right’ To Have Icons Respected

Catholic League President Bill Donohue argued that there should be “respect” for “the right of Muslims…Catholics, and Jews to have their icons and their religious symbols treated with respect” on Saturday’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on the Fox News Channel.

“What I object to is this…when you take a religious figure and you show things which what I would call ‘toilet speech,’ scatological commentary, the kind of things, quite frankly which [are] so disgusting it’s beyond the pale, there’s no need for that. Mohammed’s not my sacred person, OK, but I respect the right of Muslims, and I respect the right of Catholics and Jews to have their icons and their religious symbols treated with respect, if you want to disagree with them, fine” Donohue stated. And “had this person, the artist exercised a measure of restraint and acted in an appropriate fashion, he wouldn’t be dead right now.”

He continued “we should treat all religions with a respect. They [the Obama administration] have a sensitivity and it’s true in the academy. They have a sensitivity for Muslims they’ll never show for Catholics. I’m the last guy in the world who won’t condemn them for this kind of hypocrisy, all I’m simply saying is, when we get beyond that, let the artist exercise some restraint. That’s my whole message in this.”

Host Judge Jeanine Pirro countered “my response, First Amendment, let them do whatever they want, and if we ever change that then we’re wusses and we’re p*ssies,” to which Donohue responded that he didn’t want to role back any First Amendment protections.

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