CNN’s Keilar: Terrorism is Not an Issue Obama Want’s To Deal With

Monday on CNN, senior political correspondent Brianna Keilar said the White House admitting it was a mistake President Obama did not attend the unity march in Paris on Sunday reflected the president’s disinterest in terror as a political issue.

Keilar said, “President Obama, while he obviously does things to deal with terrorism, this isn’t the issue he wants to be fully front and center out there with. I think it’s fair to say. I think the really big thing here is a style issue. This is an example of this president, maybe not being comfortable at times, making overtures that would be automatic to other world leaders or other politicians, you know the idea of just showing up to something like this. And it’s true, you heard the White House said this, it kinda came together last minute but  it also shows you the first instinct wasn’t to go.”

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