Farage Doubles Down: ‘Taxpayer-Funded Multiculturalism’ Has Hurt Europe

On Monday’s broadcast of “Fox & Friends,” Nigel Farage, member of the European Parliament and Leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), echoed a claim he had made in recent days regarding so-called multiculturalism in the wake of last week’s attacks on the French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Farage explained how barriers to assimilation by immigrants in European countries, including in his home nation of Britain, have been created by this push for multiculturalism, mainly the “no-go zones.”

“I go to New York and i see all sorts of different people from all over the world who came to New York in the last couple of hundred years. and who in the melting pot, all got an identity, a New York identity, an American identity, and they fly the flag and they’re Americans and speak to each other and work with each overt the problem, although the French government had a slightly different attitude to the British government, what has happened is there has not been integration,” Farage explained. “So we’ve got in the suburbs of most actually of the big French cities effectively areas that have become Muslim-only areas. And if you want to live in a happy, free society that works together, you have to speak the same language and you have to integrate.”

“[T]axpayer-funded multiculturalism has encouraged them to keep speaking their own languages and to live within their own communities, thereby fostering further division,” he added. “All I’ve done is state the facts behind this problem and the reason I’ve had the criticism and the heat from Britain’s leading politicians is because they are the guilty men and women. They have caused this problem and do not have any solution.”

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