Fournier: Obama WH Has ‘Probably Worst Communications Shop’ in History

On Monday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel, National Journal Senior Political Columnist and Editorial Director Ron Fournier argued that the Obama administration has “probably the worst communications shop in the history of White Houses” in response to the decision to only send the US’ Ambassador to France to a French unity rally over the weekend.

Fournier did say “i don’t think the president needed to be at this rally,” and “I don’t think the American people have to march their president down a Paris street to show its commitment to France, so I think we’re getting a little over our skis in condemning the president himself for him not being there.” He added, “we definitely needed somebody of a higher ranking than the ambassador who’s basically a donor to the president. I think you’re [fellow panelist George Will] right, the White House deserves some credit for saying they’re sorry. But this is another unforced error by a communications shop which is probably the worst communications shop in the history of White Houses. They should have seen this PR problem coming.”

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