Gutfeld: Media Worry About Tolerance ‘Like a Forgetful Dog Eating Its Own Vomit’

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld criticized the “forgetful” media for focusing on “tolerance” instead of the evil of Islamic terrorism on Monday’s broadcast of “The Five”

While Gutfeld criticized the president for not showing up to a unity rally in France over the weekend, he mostly criticized the failed focus of the media, saying “this outrage is going to get lost among fake concern. For instead of learning lessons about evil, the media returns to platitudes on tolerance like a forgetful dog eating its own vomit, Kimberly. Meanwhile, in Nigeria thieves placed bombs on young girls, killing 20, this after Boko Haram murdered 2,000. That got lost in the Paris shuffle, and no arm-linking chant of famous names and faces is going to stop that. So, forgive me if a march for unity leaves me cold. It should be a march for war. Forget unity in the name of tolerance, we need unity of will needed to destroy evil. We are now dealing with a death cult aided by a fifth column that deems the war on terror Islamophobic.”

Gutfeld then cited recent examples of the media losing focus “last month we saw two Brooklyn cops murdered, and the concern among elites? A backlash against protests. Last week thousands were killed by terrorists, and the concern? A backlash against Muslims. The left is like the drunk at the pub who keeps putting a quarter in the jukebox to play the same old song, and that song is ‘Backlash.’ Sooner or later that awful tune drives everyone out to the streets.”

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