Dem Rep: GOP ‘Very Dumb and Very Dangerous’ with American Security

Tuesday  on MSNBC, Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) said, “Republicans have been very dumb and very dangerous with Americans’ security.”

Sanchez said, “Look, the Homeland Security Bill was carried last year, carried the year before, so we’re working programs that are three or four years behind the times. With Paris, with what happened yesterday on cyber attack, all of these things, we have brand new things happening every single day. We need a bill that addresses that and the fact of the matter is the Republicans have been very dumb and very dangerous with the Americans’ security. So I think that they’re going to continue this with these poison pill amendments, with things that go in after the president and that they’re not going to get a Department of Homeland Security Bill up to date, moneys in the right places, programs that we need, all programs that don’t work taken back, etcetera. I believe it is a very dangerous game that these Republicans play.”

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