Jon Stewart on Obama France No-Show: ‘What The F–k?’

On Monday’s “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central, host Jon Stewart used his opening segment to question why no high-ranking official from the United States participated in Sunday’s rally in Paris against Islamic terrorism in the wake of the shooting spree at the French magazine Charlie Hebdo last week.

“How could Obama not be there, look how many world leaders he could have bowed down to and apologized to,” Stewart said. “He missed an opportunity. How could the U.S. not be there when representatives of such beacons of freedom and lack of censorship as journalist-punishing Russia, journalist-jailing Turkey, Egypt, enough said. Palestinian cartoonist-jailing Israel was there. And of course our greatest ally Saudi Arabia having just days ago flogged a blogger.”

“What the f**k?! Eric Holder, you were in France? In Paris at the time of the march and were like, eh?” he added “Unbelievable. An enormous global rally in support of freedom of speech after an attack on a close ally, and the U.S. was a no-show? It’s gonna take a lot to make up for this.”

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