Mark Levin Hammers ‘Anti-Semite’ Jimmy Carter, ‘Self-Hating Jew’ Jon Stewart

On his Tuesday radio show, conservative talk show host Mark Levin reacted to former President Jimmy Carter’s appearance on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” a night earlier and took aim at Carter and show Jon Stewart.

Levin took particular issue with Carter’s effort to tie much of the turmoil in the Middle East to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“[J]immy Carter is, and I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again an anti-Semite,” Levin said. “It’s not a word I throw around to be provocative. But it’s a word that has more and more prominence when you see what’s going on in Europe and the Middle East – well, even in our own country with the likes of Jimmy Carter. And he was on the Jon Stewart-Leibowitz show. Jon Stewart-Leibowitz is a self-hating Jew in my humble opinion. So this is quite a combination. And there they are talking about the Paris killings.”

Later in the segment, Levin questioned Carter’s wisdom on any issue based on his presidency, in addition to criticizing Stewart for his apparent reluctance to embrace his Jewish roots.

(h/t The Right Scoop)

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