Fmr. State Dept. Counterterror Official: Lax Border Security Puts Europe in Danger

Ambassador Daniel Benjamin, former State Dept. Coordinator for Counterterrorism under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton argued that Europe’s lax border security on its borders with “points farther to the east” posed a risk to the continent on Thursday’s “The Lead” on CNN.

“We’re in a period now, Jake, where US and other authorities are doing their best to build up their ability to collect intelligence inside Syria so that we have a better idea of who has gone there and who might come back, but it’s spotty and of course, the flow of fighters to Syria has been going on now for many months and I think that there was probably a lag between the time that that was taken off and the intelligence collection began. So, there are going to be some holes, there are going to be some challenges, and we also have not the strongest border security between Europe and points farther to the east” he stated.

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