O’Reilly: Obama ‘More Comfortable’ Ignoring Root of Jihad

Fox News Channel host Bill O’Reilly argued that President Obama was “more comfortable looking away” from the religious extremism at the root of jihadist terrorism on Thursday.

“The only solution to worldwide terrorism is for the Muslim nations themselves to aggressively combat it and ally themselves with America and the West. That has not happened, with the notable exemptions of Jordan, Morocco, and sometimes Egypt. The cold truth that the left will never admit, is that violence against infidels is accepted, even encouraged in most Muslim nations. There are violent imams everywhere, including the USA, we spotlighted some of the radical mosques here last night” he stated.

O’Reilly continued, “there’s zero chance that President Obama will change his point of view. Everyone working for him knows he’s not going to confront the jihad, or put pressure on Muslim nations to admit the problem…Mr. Obama knows what’s going on, he just feels more comfortable looking away. And history will record that.”

He also accused those who have criticized France for excluding Muslims (specifically, CNN Religion Editor Daniel Burke) as engaging in apologism for terrorism. And said that New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof of being a “chief apologist for the excesses of Islam” for what O’Reilly claimed was criticisim directed at him and others for calling on Muslims to be accountable for combating Islamic jihadism

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