Conor McGregor: ‘I Do Not Care What Anyone Thinks’

BOSTON—Colin McGregor is blowing up. And it comes just when the UFC superstar shrinks down to make the 145-pound featherweight limit.

Breitbart Sports caught up with the phenomenon to ask whether his confidence crosses the line to disrespect.

“I do not care what anyone thinks,” Colin McGregor tells Breitbart Sports. The brash Irishman faces Dennis Siver at UFC Fight Night on Sunday. And he says he doesn’t care what his opponent thinks, either.

What does McGregor think? “The food is phenomenal over here.” But, due to a pending weight cut, he confesses, “I haven’t got to sample it just yet.”

Breitbart Sports attended Thursday’s 45-minute open workout, which featured such unconventional activities as McGregor walking on his hands, kicking the padded octagon stanchions, and punching the ground. A hundred or so of King Conor’s subjects, some of whom waited for seven hours to catch a glimpse of him, oohed and aahed at every percussive punch, kick, and knee. The fact that he donned a Boston Celtics winter cap through most of the workout also helped with the reception.

The mixed-martial artist says he could care less if people disinclined to watch fighting tune in to Sunday night’s bout on Fox Sports 1. Fighting’s not for everyone, he concedes. “It’s already smashed the record for the highest gate in the TD Garden for all the UFC events,” he boasts. “So, that’s another thing on my cap. Record breaking is a pastime of mine.”