Cowboy Cerrone: I Own Dozens of Weapons and ‘Strongly’ Support the 2nd Amendment

BOSTON—When a man enters Boston’s Faneuil Hall with a cowboy hat atop his head, a dip in his mouth, and a Budweiser shirt on his chest, the tourists don’t confuse him for a local—and figure he might be packing.

So, after seeing Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone train in gym gear bearing a hunter’s camouflage pattern, Breitbart Sports inquired whether he is a sportsman.

“I own almost 55 weapons,” Cowboy divulged. He prefers to use them on birds rather than big game.

The bull-riding, rock-climbing, wake-boarding, RV-driving kickboxer from out West who likes a turkey shoot every so often takes on Benson Henderson Sunday night on Fox Sports 1. The obligatory staredown morphed into a smilefest as the old adversaries exchanged their iconic headgear for the benefit of photographers. Cerrone, winner of six straight bouts, took the Henderson fight on short notice after his January 3 unanimous decision victory over previously unbeaten Myles Jury.

His plans after beating Henderson—circumstances can always alter plans—include driving his RV from Boston to the Daytona 500 and then to the Super Bowl. After he returns to New Mexico for training, Cerrone hopes to land a fight on the UFC’s March card in his birth state of Colorado, which would make three fights in the first three months of 2015.

But on Friday, in the very spot where Sam Adams convinced colonists to take up arms to gain freedom from the British, Cerrone bluntly declared his independence from gun grabbers: “The Second Amendment I stand very strongly by.”