Report: Massive Terror Cell Sweep Underway in Europe

According to a report that aired on CNN on Friday, a massive terror cell sweep is underway in Europe, including in France, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands with up to 20 sleeper cells of 120 to 180 people.

“In Brussels, Belgium, of course, is one of the places where authorities here say a terror attack might very well have been imminent,” CNN senior international correspondent Frederik Pleitgen said. “They say it might not have been a matter of days, it might have been a matter of hours and that’s why they had these massive anti-terror operations which happened here last night, the most violent happened in a town of Verviers, 30 miles outside the capitol of Brussels. What happened was police went into a house and they were immediately apparently met by gunfire. A gun battle went on for 10 minutes and then afterwards two of the people inside that house, two of the supposed jihadists, were killed. Another one managed to get out of the house. He was wounded but was then taken into custody. But again, that was not the only terror raid. There were terror raids across 12 sites across the country. the police are saying they believe the targets were law enforcement officials, most probably police because inside some of the places that they raided they found AK-47s, they found handguns, they found communications equipment but they also found police uniforms and they say they believe that these people wanted to kill police officers, both on the streets as well as in police stations. And Belgium, Carol, is reacting. They are going to put troops on standby to be ready to secure sites. Also Jewish schools were closed today and police officers, of course, are being ordered to be extra vigilant.”

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