Buchanan: West ‘Euchred’ Into Supporting Charlie Hebdo

Columnist Pat Buchanan argued that the West has been “euchred” into defending the “deeply anti-Islamic” Charlie Hebdo on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.”

“There is a very serious point here about this Charlie Hebdo thing…I think we have been euchred and brought into a battle defending that magazine which is deeply anti- Islamic. It slurs the prophet repeatedly. You mentioned the First Amendment, fine, but I think  if we’re behind defending that, we’re going to alienate every decent and moderate Muslim in the world who we want on our side.” And “we’ve got the right to free speech but the question is do you use it to insult the prophet?”

He continued “if you’re [in] a unified war, that’s why you do not use your freedom of speech to insult the prophet and the God of [Muslims]…they’re rioting in Pakistan today…how are you going to win their hearts and minds?” And that Charlie Hebdo was “recruiting” terrorists.

He also attacked France as “hypocrites” for marching for free speech and then arresting people for violating the country’s hate speech laws.

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