Fmr. Jihadist Warns USA Is Next Terrorism Target

Mubin Shaikh, a former jihadist who volunteered to help the Canadian Security Intelligence Service catch terrorists warned that the US would be the next target for a terrorist attack on Saturday’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on the Fox News Channel.

Shaikh said that “every country that’s been put on a list, that’s basically a coalition partner in the bombing against ISIS, has been put on notice, so to speak. The May 2013 issue of an extremist publication noted, put on their hit list of individuals related to the cartoons, and subsequently [an] ISIS spokesperson put out a claim or, a call to attack coalition partners, America, Canada, Australia, and especially, ‘the filthy French'” Shaikh declared.

He also stated “we’re hearing a lot about ‘al Qaeda and ISIS [are] in competition in Iraq and Syria,’ and they very much are. But, of course, they could very easily just put aside their differences, go with the ideology, and strike a Western target.”

Shaikh also talked about his experience entering and leaving the world of terrorism, saying that he became radicalized after travelling to Pakistan and having “a chance encounter with the Taliban.” He added that he left after spending time studying in Syria and was convinced by a scholar who refuted extremist versions of Islam and gaining “a newfound appreciation, really, for rights of Muslims in the West.”

He concluded that the problem of terrorism was “going to get worse before it gets better…there are soft approaches you can take, community engagement. There are hard approaches you can take, increased law enforcement, intelligence. It’s the same thing that Western powers have been doing, but, I don’t see it getting better any time soon.”

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