Sen Johnson: No More Gitmo Releases

On “Fox News Sunday,” Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) said no more terrorist should be released from  Guantanamo Bay.

Johnson said, “People at Guantanamo Bay are evil people and they will, many of them will return to battle. One of the first lines of defense, one of the most important things we have to do is an effective intelligence gathering capability. You capture these unlawful combatants and detain them and over a long period of time you interrogate them. that’s how you develop the intelligence to foil future plots. The fact that we’re going to try to close Guantanamo, the fact that we don’t have any place to put terrorists we capture is degrading our ability to gather that type of intelligence, to keep America safe and secure. This is no time to be transferring these individuals that are all high-risk now. That’s what is left. we’ve released hundreds of prisoners from Guantanamo. People there are the worst of the worst and they should not be released.”

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