Steele: If Charlie Hebdo Published in US, Evangelicals Would ‘Raise Up Mightily’

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” when host Chuck Todd asked what would happen if American evangelicals realized Charlie Hebdo is no friend of religion, former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele said, “Yeah. It would be a real, real problem. It would be. For a lot of grassroots evangelicals out there, particularly with respect to the sense of attack on them personally. That’s what this really boils down to. A real balancing act between what both of you just said, that that feeling of, you know, expression and wanting to be free to do that, and then the personal feeling I have when you express yourself and I feel like you’ve attacked me. I think a lot of evangelicals, particularly in this country, would raise up mightily and make a lot of noise. Obviously not to extremes, but there would be a lot of protests against the publication like that.”

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