Ben Carson on 2016: ‘I Will Have Made a Decision By May 1’

Dr. Ben Carson, Professor Emeritus at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and author of “One Vote: Make Your Voice Heard,” said that he “will have made a decision [whether or not to run for president] by May 1st” on C-SPAN on Monday.

“If I do run, I think a lot of things will become very clear to people when we get to the debates, and they get to actually hear real solutions, and real logic. And I don’t really care how many people are running, because I believe if we have an open, type primary, people will see what’s going on” he stated.

Carson was then asked whether there was a timeline for him to make a decision on whether he would run in 2016, to which he declared “I will have made a decision by May 1st.”

Carson was also asked about the early support he had received, to which he responded “there’s plenty of support, and there’s plenty of money. I hear people saying ‘Jeb Bush is getting in. Mitt Romney’s getting in. So, you better announce right away so you can get some of the money.’ I don’t play those kind of games. I just think it’s silly. You do what’s right, do what makes sense, and the timing takes care of itself.”

(h/t Washington Examiner)

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