Rubio: Obama Thinks ‘Jihadists Are Just Unhappy Because We Did Something’

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) declared that President Obama thinks “radical jihadists are just unhappy because we did something” on Tuesday’s “O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Channel.

“You can’t be prosperous unless you’re safe. And one of the problems I have with this administration, and a lot of people involved in this effort is they think that radical jihadists are just unhappy because we did something. And so, this is their way to force us out of the Middle East, or seek revenge. They don’t understand that the nature of radical jihad is they want the whole world to be under the flag of radical Islam, and they view our government, they view the world order as illegitimate, they view that the only legitimate source of authority in the world is radical Islam, their version of radical Islam. And they’re prepared to extend it, they’re prepared to defend it, by using very violent methods. And that’s what we are at war against here” he stated.

Rubio added, “if you don’t understand the true nature of what you’re fighting against, you can’t effectively fight against it. And look, this is as much a battle within Islam as it is from Islam. Within Islam, those who are out there saying that they’re moderate Islamists or moderate believers in Islam who do not believe in violence, they, of course, have to step forward. They’re fighting for the future of their own faith.”

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