Wasserman Schultz: Expect Dem Obstruction, Aggressive Filibustering

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “The Reid Report,” Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) said her Democratic colleagues will be using the filibuster aggressively.

When host Joy Reid asked, “[T]he president has higher ratings and going—and going in better than ever and there is this criticism of Republicans being too stubborn, but some say it is the president being too stubborn. Will your colleagues be using the filibuster as aggressively as the Republicans did?”

Wasserman Schultz said, “If the past is prologue, I think yes. Very likely they will be. The obstruction, the hallmark of this Republican Congress and the House, I think will now be adopted by the Senate. And just the opening bell since the new Congress began saw more repeals or huge modifications by the Republicans to the Affordable Care Act to take health care away from people. That they’ve made sure that they try to roll back the president’s immigration policy so that we can kick more immigrants out of the country. This is not a signal they are ready to sit down and bond and work together. And then to add insult to injury, they choose Joni Ernst to be the response for the State of the Union. This is a woman that decided the best thing to do for education is to repeal the federal student loan program and opposes Pell Grants. College can’t be paid for with a winning smile. It’s going to take more than personality to make sure we can make life better for the middle class.”

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