Watch: Whiskey Sipping Conor McGregor Calls Rival a ‘Fat Mess’ with ‘Forty Chins’

Boston, MA

BOSTON—Conor McGregor said he’s sick of all the talk about his talk. So Breitbart Sports asked him early Monday morning why he gave a “F— you” to featherweight champ Jose Aldo after his UFC Fight Night bout and the finger to opponent Dennis Siver before it.

“I threw my glove out,” he says of Siver. “He didn’t respond. So, I said, ‘F— you! You’re the cheat!’”

After the diss during the referee’s instructions, McGregor picked apart Siver in spectacular fashion, earning a second-round stoppage that elicited a deafening roar. But instead of his fists, McGregor’s mouth again propels the conversation. And the analysis of his words brings colorful objections from McGregor that can’t help but rebut his own argument.

The loquacious Irishman, sipping from whiskey at the post-fight presser, transitioned from gratuitous steroid digs at the German he just beat to fat jokes aimed at an American who wants to beat him.

“I looked out in the crowd and I seen forty chins,” McGregor explained. “And then I climbed up those 40 chins and it was Ricardo Lamas. So, I gave him the finger as well. I seen him in the hotel with a big box of pizza. I’m talking a 22-inch pizza. And atop the 22-inch pizza was a big can of Pepsi or Coke.”

Lamas had earlier told Breitbart Sports that McGregor didn’t deserve a title shot, which Notorious will receive in May, and expressed interest in fighting the Irishman. The Chicagoan even released a YouTube video before the fight in which he played a “Conrad McGillicutty” character talking his way to a title shot.

“He’s a big fat mess making stupid videos,” McGregor said in response to the Breitbart Sports question on civility. “Get in the gym. Get in the gym and perform impressive and climb up that ladder. You fought like a p—y when you fought Jose [Aldo]. So, he’s a p—y.”

As for the champion Aldo, who sat back smiling as a victorious McGregor hurled expletives at him not lost in translation, King Conor responded to Breitbart Sports that he would have liked to put his fists in his face rather than just his face in his face. He objected to the Brazilian likening McGregor to the Joker in a cage-side poster.

“The only thing that stopped me from smacking Jose and stiffening him up in the crowd was the money,” McGregor confessed, “because I love the money.”