Pirro Slams Obama, Moore During ‘American Sniper’ Monologue

On Saturday, Judge Jeanine Pirro, host of the Fox News Channel’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine” criticized President Obama and Michael Moore during a monologue on Chris Kyle.

Pirro initially criticized Michael Moore and discussed the impact of “American Sniper” “Leftist Michael Moore, who wouldn’t last one day in basic training, let alone Navy SEAL training says snipers are cowards and shoot people in the back and certainly not heroes. Although he backed off a little bit, that’s what he said. And that the movie ‘American Sniper’ has shattered January box office records is a testament to the chord that it struck in the heart of America. Not just Americans in the heartland, but those in blue states and big cities as well. What was real about Chris Kyle was his focus on God, country, and family, his unquestioning patriotism and determination. Four tours in Iraq. Yes, he wrote that he regretted not having killed more of the savages who were plotting day in and day out to kill Americans. He was a straight shooter who took no prisoners” she stated.

Pirro then turned her criticism to President Obama, arguing that “it is people like Chris Kyle who demonstrate America’s strength and, yes, diplomacy. Diplomacy is not just passive. It’s being clear that we support our allies and follow through on our threats, like those pesky red lines that are being crossed. That’s diplomacy. Chris Kyle doubled down on what he did, he wasn’t haunted by his kills, but instead haunted by his enemies’ successes. And speaking of the enemy, the president says we’ve halted Iran’s nuclear program…but even the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee says that the president is, yet again, not telling the truth. But instead, he’s taking his talking points straight out of the Tehran playbook.”

She concluded by circling back to Moore, declaring “Michael, you woke a sleeping giant, the American Spirit, for far too long suppressed by people like you, the Hollywood elites and the politicians who lied to us on a regular basis.”

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