SNL Mocks Patriots Deflategate Scandal

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” made fun of the New England Patriots for the “Deflategate” scandal involving the Patriots allegedly using deflated footballs in the AFC Championship Game.

The sketch begins with Patriots Head Coach Tom Brady denying involvement and then saying “I still have several minutes left, so I’d like to spend the remainder of the press conference throwing my quarterback under the bus,” in addition to comparing Brady to the main character in “American Psycho.”

Brady then comes out and tries changing the subject to his hat and playing dumb, not just about the scandal, but how footballs are inflated and science in general.

The Patriots then bring out one of their equipment managers who tries to deflect criticism by pointing out that “this man [Brady] is a saint. You think you can do what he does? He has won three Super Bowls, six if you include the losses.” He then paraphrased the famed “you can’t handle the truth” from “A Few Good Men,” finally admitting that he did deflate the balls used in the game.

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