FNC’s Colmes Challenges the ‘Mindset’ of ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle

Monday on Fox News Channel, during a debate over the controversial remarks made by many about the “American Sniper” movie, left-leaning Fox News contributor Alan Colmes called into question a sniper’s “mindset.”

Colmes said, “I don’t believe a sniper a coward. However If you’re going to be a sniper, and you what you do for a living and go into war and kill people, and this guy actually,  Kyle apparently went to war not because of heroic reasons stated in this movie, but because he just wanted to be a soldier and he enjoyed being a sniper. And what kind of mindset is it that enjoys doing that for living?”

Colmes continued the attack by saying, “Kyle was a guy who lost a lawsuit from Jesse Ventura, making false claims about a bar fight.”

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