Mike Lee: ‘Congress Cedes Far Too Much Lawmaking Authority to the Executive Branch’

In a video posted on his Facebook page on Monday, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) showed the 79,066 pages of new and updated regulations to make the point that the Congress has conceded too much of its lawmaking authority to unelected bureaucrats within the executive branch. The junior Utah senator why it was his hope that this new Congress would take on the executive branch and hold it accountable.

“In 2014, 3,291 pages of new laws were passed by Congress – the branch of government with the constitutional authority to make law – and signed by the president,” Lee said. “During this same period, unelected bureaucrats at dozens of federal departments and agencies issued 79,066 pages of new and updated regulations. These rules – many that are inefficient, ineffective, and excessive – continue to limit the ability of small businesses and workers to succeed, rig the system to benefit connected insiders, and hurt hardworking American families through higher costs and limited options in the marketplace. Yet, despite the very real negative effects on our economy, the American people are unable to hold the unelected bureaucrats who make these rules accountable. Congress cedes far too much lawmaking authority to the executive branch. I look forward to turning this trend around in the 114th Congress to ensure that the ones making the laws are the ones who can be held accountable by the American people.”

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