Boxer: Same Pro-Tobacco People Running Disinformation Campaign on Keystone

Wednesday on “Democracy Now,” Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) said the fossil fuel that will be transported through the Keystone pipeline is “the filthiest dirtiest oil” that leaves a “dangerous” “trail of misery,” and has been part of the same sort of “disinformation campaign” that the harm from tobacco  products received.

Boxer said, “The Keystone pipeline is a big wet kiss to the Canadians’ interest and the Koch brothers who own a lot of oil up there. That is the filthiest dirtiest oil. We don’t need it. It has a trail of misery that accompanies it through the excavation, through the pipeline. There’s a spill in Michigan that hasn’t been cleaned up for years. It’s dangerous and then when you refine it in TX, those people get very sick. They export it. They are not even going to keep it.”

She added, “You know, if you look back at the struggle we had on tobacco and the dangers of tobacco. Honestly, the same people who conducted a disinformation campaign on tobacco are the same people  that are involved this disinformation campaign.”

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