Fmr Bergdahl Comrade: Army ‘Dragging Their Feet’ on Bergdahl Investigation

Army Sgt. Jordan Vaughn (Ret.), who served in the same company as Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and participated in the search for Bergdahl, said that “it really seems like they’re [the Army] dragging their feet” on the investigation into Bergdahl’s actions on Wednesday’s “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News Channel.

“It really seems like they’re dragging their feet, Brian, I’m not sure why at this point, they’ve had plenty of time, five years to conduct this investigation just missing an interview with Bergdahl. So, it’s very frustrating” he stated.

Vaughn then re-stated prior allegations that Bergdahl deserted and radio traffic indicated that he was looking to join the Taliban, and reported that his squad leader was killed searching for Bergdahl.

He continued, “it angers me beyond words, when they say ‘wait until the report comes out to try and condemn him, we were there. It’s kind of like witnessing a murder and then you’re one of the witnesses and they say, ‘well, wait ’til the trial.’ Well, no, I saw him kill the guy, I don’t need to wait for the trial, I know what happened.”

Vaughn declared that Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby’s calls that people should wait for the investigation to concluded “does sound like the administration narrative, doesn’t it? He served with honor and distinction, according to them. So, he’s saying he’s an active duty soldier and he’s innocent until proven guilty, that sounds great. But we did lose actual soldiers, real soldiers, who were quality, searching for this waste of oxygen.”

He concluded “I want to see a guilty conviction for desertion. I know he did time, per se, with the Taliban. The character of that time has yet to be established, whether that was amicable or not. So, I really want to see a dishonorable discharge. I want to see benefits revoked, and I would feel vindicated if that happened.”

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