Sheriff Joe: Media Ignoring Return Rates on Criminal Illegal Immigrants

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” Sheriff Joe Arpaio said the media is ignoring his statistics that prove President Barack Obama’s claims of the highest deportation rate is bogus.

According to Arpaio, this is because the criminal illegal immigrants are turned over to ICE, are deported, reenter the United States, commit crimes, are returned to his jail cells, and the process restarts.

Arpaio said,  “I did a survey for a whole year. I think I talked to you about it. Nobody will publicize it. But we had 4,500 people in jail, illegal aliens charged with many crimes. A lot of felonies. Turn them over to ICE, 36 percent keep coming back. One guy 26 times. So either they’re allowing these guys to be put on the streets, or they’re deporting them and they keep coming back. And this is another sad situation where a young person was gunned down over cigarettes.”

“I’m not saying everybody here illegally are killing people, but if they’re here illegally, they should be dealt with through the criminal system, not all this civil system that they throw out at you,” he added. “Well, you know, I got all the statistics, how many times they come back, what their crimes are, can’t get anybody to listen to me, media, or whatever. Which is very strange.”

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