Machines Carve Out Huge Tunnels for Crossrail Deep in Bowels of London

(INFORM) They call it “the muncher”: a giant hulk of dusty metal and cables that’s ripping its way under London as the city continues, 40 metres above, oblivious. The machine, which requires a team of men to operate and guide, is currently widening an eastbound tunnel underneath Liverpool Street as part of the ambitious Crossrail transport project. Elizabeth is a 1,000-tonne, 150-metre-long machine that spans 7 metres in diameter. She’s been ruthlessly cutting through London for some time, leaving large tunnels supported by concrete rings in her wake. Elizabeth has another 750 metres of tunnel to bore before arriving at Farringdon, the final stop. At this point all Crossrail tunnels will be linked for the first time. Upon completion of the Crossrail project, a total of 42 km of tunnel will have been bored as part of Europe?s largest infrastructure project.

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