Allen West to Congress: Censure Obama for Being ‘Islamist Sympathizer’

In an appearance on Steve Malzberg’s NewsMax TV show, former Rep. Allen West (R-FL) proposed that Congress act by censuring President Barack Obama for his perceived shortcomings in dealing with radical Islam.

“Well, this is what happens because weakness is enticing for your enemy and let us go back and remember even in 2009 when President Obama went to speak in Egypt at that university there in Cairo he requested for the Muslim Brotherhood members to be front and center for his speech. So you know there comes a time when we really have to honestly say, you know, whose side is President Obama on?” West said. “Is he an Islamist sympathizer, and think if there’s one thing that the House and Senate could do — they need to bring up a resolution to censure the president for some of these actions.

“Why do we have the Muslim Brotherhood in our State Department?” he continued. “Why does the president of the United States request for the Muslim Brotherhood to be there when he’s giving a speech? Why is there all this support for Mohammed Morsi but none for General el-Sisi? Because he is standing up against the Muslim Brotherhood. What happened in Libya? Why did we need to dethrone Muammar Gaddafi and basically side with Islamist forces there? Why are delaying all these, you know, sanctions back on Iran. There have been three or four different times that they extended the negotiations.”

(h/t RCP Video)

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