Attkisson: Feds Trying to Falsely ‘Shape Narrative’ to Lazy Media

Monday on NewsMax TV’s “MidPoint,” investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson addressed the summary of a report released last week from the inspector general’s office that was widely reported to have said investigators found no evidence of remote or unauthorized access on her computer.

Attkisson said the details in the report do not actually say what was reported. While the summery of the report is vague, she explained no reporters bothered to ask questions, so by simply leaving out facts, the writer of the summary was able to “direct the narrative” of a lazy media who want to believe their side.

Attkisson said, “In the end it looks to me, I guess, the fact they won’t release the forensics to me or answer my Freedom of Information request, there is something they don’t want me to see. I don’t know why. But I would say the summery, was constructed, one that was released to the press, to kinda make people report the way they did, as if they sort of ruled these things out, although they didn’t technically say so. It seemed to me that someone who directed the writing of the summary did want people to conclude that.”

“I would just say, the read [of the report], logically from what they put out, is very different from what investigators told me who were working on the case.  We will be dealing with that in our way with our lawsuit, rather than try and fight it out with the propaganda blogs and those who just copy those things. It’s really pointless to try and get in that level of argument with those people, but it does appear as, although to me anyway, locally that someone is trying to shape the narrative in an incorrect direction. In a way that  that doesn’t reflect the facts. And we will try to find out who is helping do that and why,  in the course of the lawsuit.”

She added, “Reading the summary, it sure looks like someone’s finger is in the pot.”

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