Ingraham on UC Davis Anti-Semitism: Israel Is the New South Africa for the Left

On Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Kelly File,” conservative radio host Laura Ingraham reacted to the anti-Semitic and anti-Israel activities that have been perpetrated on the campus of UC Davis in recent days.

According to Ingraham, this is a product of college campuses and the overwhelming push of liberalism.

“The inmates are running the asylum. College campuses have become caricatures of themselves, and folks at the University of California school system out there, university system, pride themselves, Megyn, on being so tolerant, and so open to ideas,” Ingraham said. “They’re so open to ideas, that when someone says something, in this case about Israel, that they disagree with, then, of course, they are going to shut that person down and make sure that they are intimidated from speaking out. Or at least try to intimidate people from speaking out. This is just the state of things right now on college campuses. I think people watching this at home, they think, ‘Oh, this has to be exaggerated. It really can’t be that bad on my kid’s college campus.’ And I will say, it’s sad to report that this kind of thing, maybe not so dramatic, happens quite frequently on college campuses, where either conservative students, or religious students feel like they really have to be quiet. And they can’t speak out lest they be brought up on some type of hate speech violation, or communicative standard violation. And they can’t work real world. There you have it.”

Ingraham likened the attitude toward Israel that exists is comparable to that toward South Africa during apartheid.

“Well, I think Israel has become for the left the new South Africa. Remember, in the 1980s, it was the divestment movement from South Africa,” she added. “When I was at Dartmouth College that was really big back then. And now it’s divest from Israel. Israel is the less, you know favorite, you know, whipping post of fury and anger and outrage, because remember, if Israel’s an ally of the United States, Israel must be bad because the United States is bad. The United States needs to be brought to heel. It needs to become just like the rest of the world, no better, and no worse. So I think it’s just borne out, Megyn, out of the very deeply anti-American sentiment that has been whipped up for decades on college campuses. And today is, I think, far worse than when I was in college in the mid-1980s. It’s gotten exponentially worse. I think most kids who aren’t far left just kind of keep their heads down and hope that they can graduate and find a job.”

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