Levin: Obama Debating Academics While People Are Slaughtered

Talk radio host and author of “The Liberty Amendments,” Mark Levin argued that President Obama was diving into “academic land” while “people are being slaughtered” on Thursday.

Levin reacted to Obama’s statement at the National Prayer Breakfast that “people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ” by saying “so, now we’re supposed to chase history and explain why there was a Christian Crusade, I’ve explained this before, the Christians rose up after hundreds of years of having enough of the Muslims. Meanwhile, while Obama takes us into academic land and wrongly so, people are being slaughtered. It’d be as if FDR gave a speech to the nation, becoming aware of the rounding-up of Jews, the beginning of driving them into concentration camps, slaughtering them in ovens and gas chambers, and he wants to have a chat about, what? German history, Jewish history.”

Earlier, Levin stated, “so, when you try to use your common sense, your experience, your belief in faith and country, right and wrong, good and bad, it doesn’t comport with how Obama thinks and reflects on things.”

He concluded by criticizing the Obama administration negotiating with Iran while “the pressure is on to destroy the Churchill of our time, Benjamin Netanyahu, the pressure is on to destroy the Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer, why? Because they dare to accept an invitation from the Republican Speaker of the House, so that the Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel can speak to the nation.”

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