Stelter: People at NBC Don’t Think Brian Williams Made ‘Innocent Mistake’

CNN Senior Media Correspondent and “Reliable Sources” Brian Stelter reported that he couldn’t find “many people at NBC” who think Brian Williams’ erroneous helicopter story was “an innocent mistake” on Thursday’s “CNN Newsroom.”

“One thing is clear, and that is, when Brian Williams has said on television, and said to David Letterman, and said in blog posts, or implied in blog posts that his helicopter was struck by an RPG, that that wasn’t true, that he was somehow embellishing, or misleading people, or if you believe his version of the story, just making an innocent mistake. The reality is, Brooke, I can’t find many people at NBC that think he’s making an innocent mistake, there’s a lot of anger at NBC among people who think he might be misleading” he stated.

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