Gutfeld: Prayer Breakfast Remarks Show Islamism Is Historically Backwards

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld argued that President Obama’s comments on Christianity during the National Prayer Breakfast show “Islamism is the slowest runner in a millennium marathon” on Friday’s broadcast of “The Five.”

“Talk about a slight, comparing modern day Islam to Medieval atrocities, if I knew any better, I’d accuse Mr. Obama of Islamophobia. He’s right thought, the Crusades were an awful thing, responding to another awful thing, an Islamic holy war. But he left out three key points. It happened like 700 or 800 years ago. It stopped. This is 2015, so you should stop too, or else. The fact is President Obama spoke the truth. When it comes to religion, Islamism is the slowest runner in a millennium marathon. We’re here, they’re still back there, and some of them want to stay there and take us back with them. Now maybe during the Holocaust some academics said these horrors happened throughout history, but how is that any comfort? When you compare something happening now to a time before indoor plumbing, it reminds you where the president’s head is, in the sand. It’s why he sees Islamophobia in his sleep…the president indeed condemns terror, but his relativism leads to ruminations that waste precious time needed to fight terror. Instead of leading, he’s educating us on our own transgressions as though his presidency is a college course.”

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