Sen Risch: ISIS ‘Moving Beyond Aspiration’ to Attack Europe and US

Senator James Risch (R-ID), a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, reported that there is reason to believe ISIS is “moving beyond aspiration” to hit the US and Europe on Friday’s “Situation Room” on CNN.

“We all know that ISIS has had, aspirationally, the desire to hit the homeland and to hit Europe. We have reason to believe today that it is moving beyond aspiration and we’re going to have to do something, and the administration has been talking with Congress. And that’s a good thing, because in the past, as you know, that hasn’t worked as well as it should have” he stated.

Risch added, “as far as I want to go is that we all know that it has been aspirational. We have reason to believe it is moving beyond aspirational. And as a result of that, we’re going to have do something, as much as we don’t want to do something, we’re probably going to have to.”

Later in the interview, Risch predicted the US would accelerate its strategy against ISIS in the coming days, and the US would be in a “much, much better position” to compel its Arab allies to combat ISIS, and that a ground invasion was being “discussed,” even though members of Congress were wary of putting boots on the ground. He added that the US’ Arab allies were “talking much more boldly” about the prospect of putting boots on the ground.

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