Buchanan: ‘We’re Doing Fairly Well Degrading ISIS’

Columnist Pat Buchanan argued the US is “doing fairly well degrading ISIS” on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.”

“I think we’re doing fairly well degrading ISIS. But let me tell you, John, this is very serious. It’s a turning point. This has propelled, stampeded, Jordan into this war, and the King of Jordan, Abdullah, is a descendant of the prophet. He is a Sunni, and he is now taking the side de facto of Assad in Syria, who’s an ally of Iran, which is Shia, of Hezbollah which is Shia, and of the United States, and he’s got a very unstable kingdom, and I fear that down the road, this war, him getting into the war as actively as he has against ISIS, which is a Sunni terrorist group, I think he’s really taking a risk with the future of his kingdom” he stated.

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