Attkisson: NBC Video Edit on Brian Williams Lie Also Deceptive

Sunday on Fox News Channel’s ‘ “Media Buzz, ” investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson pointed out the video that ran as Brian Williams lied about being in the helicopter that was hit by a RPG in Iraq, was deceptively edited to support Williams false version.

Attkisson said, “It appears to show him on the Chinook, the way they rode it and the way he spoke over it. And it appears to show afterwards then looking at the RPG injury to the Chinook as if he were on it. What I was saying is whoever looked at the video, producers, editors, at some point, I would think, would know he was not on that Chinook because of the way the video occurs. Well my question is, Who did know this, and were they forced to cut the video in a way that supported a story that they knew not to be true. Were there complaints internally about this and so on.”


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