Jindal Criticizes Obama’s ‘Moral Equivalence’ on Radical Islam

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R) criticized President Obama’s “moral equivalence,” and “mush” on radical Islam on Monday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Jindal primarily criticized President Obama’s earlier remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast, saying “we’ll keep an eye out for runaway Christians, we’ll make sure Medieval Christianity doesn’t make a comeback, if he as the President of the United States would protect us from radical Islamic terrorism. You know, Sean, this is a president, he doesn’t like to use those words. He doesn’t like to call it terrorism. He sometimes tries to treat it as a criminal act. He certainly doesn’t like to say radical Islamic. There’s a politically correct crowd that jumps on you when you say that.”

Jindal continued, “regardless of his analogy, it’s this moral equivalence of the left, it’s this mush, it’s this moral relativism. There’s a greater problem here. This is a president who won’t proudly proclaim American Exceptionalism, maybe the first president ever who truly doesn’t believe in that. Look at his foreign policy. He doesn’t believe [in] America as a force for good, it doesn’t seem. Seems like, instead, he believes in multilateralism as a goal, not a tactic. He allows foreign capitals have veto power over our foreign policy. This is part of what happens, and what I worry about is, we don’t teach American Exceptionalism to the next generation, these are the kind of leaders we’re going to have. We don’t insist on English, we don’t insist on people coming here becoming Americans, not hyphenated Americans, not creating their own subcultures where they use our freedoms to overthrow our freedoms.”

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