Gutfeld: WH ‘Terror Denialists’ The Real ‘Islamophobes’

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld argued that “terror denialists” in the White House were “truly the Islamophobic ones” on Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Five.”

“This is a very easy way to look at this. They are terror denialists. They deny terror at every place. So, when Islamists kill Jews it’s–they blame the butterfly effect. It’s like 9/11 was due to fog. This is not a white house, this is an outhouse, they’re so full of crap” he stated.

Gutfeld continued, “if a cop, an American cop shoots someone who just committed a strong-armed robbery, they indict the entire justice system. They call it a systematic condemnation of a corrupt system, but when an Islamist goes to a kosher market and kills a group of Jews, that’s random. They could see root causes in everything except the truth.”

He concluded “what are they scared of? What are they frightened of? Why won’t they say what’s happening there? They’re obsessed with language, yet they can’t articulate a single truth, and I finally realized what it is. All this years that they have been talking about Islamophobia, they are truly the Islamophobic ones. They have such a profound fear, President Obama, his White House, has such a profound fear of Islam that it forbids them from identifying actual terror, attacks on Jews. They can’t bring themselves to do it because they’re terrified of Islam. They are the Islamophobes.”

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