Rabbi Benjamin Blech: ‘I Feel Betrayed’ By Bibi No-Shows

Author and Professor at Yeshiva University Rabbi Benjamin Blech said he felt “betrayed” by threats to skip out on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before Congress on Tuesday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel.

“Congress is threatening to walk out on Bibi…I am not only bewildered, I feel betrayed, if Bibi did make a mistake, which is debatable now, because we have learned he did tell the White House before he accepted. But, even if it weren’t, imagine that a friend of yours is in fear for his life, he comes to your door to beg you and to tell you what the situation is and you say, ‘gee, you didn’t knock. No, there wasn’t proper courtesy. You failed in the etiquette of entering my home'” he stated.

Blech continued that there was a sense of “betrayal” in Israel over the administration’s rhetoric regarding the attack on a kosher supermarket in France, although “you’re not going to hear that word [betrayal], and you’re not going to hear stern words because America’s our greatest friend, we have to rely on America. So, obviously, we’re not going to put it in those stark terms. I’m not a politician and I’m free to say it, we feel betrayed, by we I mean Israel, but i mean all those who share the values of Israel.”

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