Rush: GOP Leaders ‘Don’t ‘Want to Stop Obama’s Executive Amnesty’

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh declared that GOP leaders “don’t want to stop Obama’s executive amnesty and so that’s why they’re not going to really work on this” on Wednesday.

“The Republicans are all set to squander it again” he stated.

Limbaugh then talked about Senate Republicans’ reaction to Democrats filibustering the House’s DHS funding bill, and stated “Now how many weeks did the Senate Democrats spend ramming through Obamacare, illegally, via budget reconciliation. So how come the Republicans give up so quickly? Why don’t they just use budget reconciliation in this case? They tell us they’re serious about opposing Obama’s executive amnesty, but they’re not.”

He continued, “they don’t want to stop Obama’s executive amnesty. And so that’s why they’re not going to really work on this.”

He concluded, “the idea was that rather than risk a wider government shutdown over Obama’s amnesty, Republicans would focus on the Department of Homeland Security funding, and they would risk a limited shutdown of that department and that department only if Obama and the Democrats refused to scale back his amnesty intentions. But when it came down to the final counting, the Republicans were never really willing to shut down DHS either, and they made no secret of the fact, the Republicans were bluffing, and they admitted they were bluffing…so the Democrats have no reason to support the Republican bill. The whole thing is an out-and-out joke, folks.”

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