Wilbon on EWU Not Allowing Former QB to Use Facilities: It’s ‘Necessary’

During the broadcast of ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption” on Thursday, co-host Michael Wilbon responded to the question of whether or not he thought it was fair that Eastern Washington University’s coach decided to not allow former quarterback Vernon Adams to continue using its facilities. Adams, set to graduate after the spring semester, has one more year of eligibility left and decided to transfer to Oregon, Eastern Washington’s first opponent in the 2015 season, to play his final year.

Wilbon proclaimed that “It’s not just fair, it’s necessary.”

He also added, “Say ‘Son, thank you for 34 games you won. Thank you for your participation. Thank you for your service. You have to get up out of here, we’re not having an opponent of this university, of the kids in this weight room, locker room working out, whatever. We’re not having a guy who’s going to use everything in here against us in the opener here any longer. You chose this. Nice having you.’”

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