Bayless: ‘Inexcusable’ for Eagles to Have Riley Cooper Black History Month Athlete

During Friday’s broadcast of ‘First Take’ on ESPN2, Skip Bayless reacted to the statement released by the Philadelphia Eagles about having Riley Cooper as the featured athlete for the 2015 franchise calendar. In 2013, a video surfaced of Cooper, who later apologized, using racial slurs at a Kenny Chesney concert.

According to Bayless, “This is so inexcusable and unforgivable for that franchise to allow this to slip through the cracks even though they say ‘We farm this out to another agency.’

Bayless went on to say, “Who works at that agency? I got to know that number one. Why would you farm to them? And how can you not ultimately be responsible for a product that has your team name on it and your logo on it? You have to monitor. You have to sign off on it. I’m sorry; it’s too big a deal. When your image is being portrayed on a calendar that’s going to be sold to hundreds of thousands of millions, who knows, people are going to hang it on their wall as their calendar and you don’t double check it. They say it is an honest mistake. It’s just a mistake. A period mistake.”

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