Maher: Obamacare Cost Increases Are Due to Insurance Company ‘Sharks’

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher blamed insurance company “sharks” for people seeing rate increases and insurance problems under Obamacare on Friday.

After touting Obamacare, but also reporting on a piece from the New York Times on people who couldn’t see their doctors, or saw their premiums and deductibles increase under Obamacare, Maher quipped “we should have a single-payer system…Mitt Romney, remember he said ‘corporations are people,’ no, they’re sharks. This is predictable. Insurance companies are sharks. They were always going to find a way to do this, the most frightening thing in this article is when somebody said ‘it’s so confusing, I’ve just stopped seeing a doctor,’ and that’s going on a lot, apparently. People are not going because it’s more expensive, too confusing, and I think this was intentional. I think the insurance companies wanted this to happen because that’s how they make money.”

He concluded, “as long as you allow the profit motive into sickness and death with people, it’s just always going to be f*cked up.”

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