Report: ISIS Growing in New Nations as Taliban Rebrands

Friday after U.S. officials admitted that ISIS has spread into Afghanistan and Pakistan on CNN, the military adviser for Concerned Veterans for America, retired Lt. Col. Scott Mann discussed the Taliban defecting and re-branding themselves by swearing allegiance to ISIS.

Mann said, “These guys understand the importance of narrative and story. They understand if properly spun, that Islam is under attack by the west. And it’s the duty of every Muslim to defend it. They can push that all over the world and it resonates. One of the things we’re going have to get our head around, we’re going have to decide we want to win and stop dabbling in it.”

Friday Pentagon spokesman Marine Corps Maj. Bradlee Avots addressed the Taliban switching to ISIS in an email, saying, “The expansion of ISIL into the region is of great concern, We remain committed to our objectives of ensuring that Afghanistan or Pakistan does not become a safe haven from which violent extremists can attack the U.S. or our allies.”

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