AP’s Julie Pace: Crisis in Yemen ‘Potentially Very Problematic’ for Obama

Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace,” Associated Press White House correspondent Julie Pace said, “I think what’s tricky for this White House is they use phrases like strategic patience, long-term commitment, and then you have these situations that are crazy demanding for some kind of immediate action. You talk about Yemen. Yemen is potentially very problematic for the president because he’s set up what we’re doing in Yemen as the model for what he wants to do with the Islamic State.”

“Not just in the tactics but in the idea of a long-term commitment. The U.S. Has been launching operations in Yemen since early in Obama’s presidency. And yet now we’ve seen a collapse in the government. How can he argue a long-term commitment is going to result in success when even a long-term commitment may result in a complete upheaval there? I think he’s trying to set up a model that he doesn’t have an example how it will work,” she concluded.

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