Ed Schultz: Why Would We Tell ISIS We’re Not Using Ground Troops?

MSNBC’s “The Ed Show” host Ed Schultz stated that the war against ISIS was a “religious war” and wondered “why would we tell ISIS that there’s no way we would ever put ground troops in combat situations?” on Monday.

“ISIS released a new video showing more bloodshed, the video, released on Sunday, claims to show the beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians. Now, the brutal act of violence is clearly a gross display of what ISIS is capable of, what they’re motivated about, and what they are really all about, and I think this act of mass murder amounts to a religious war. Now, we all have our own interpretations at this point, this continues to go on. At this point, these people were targeted, as I see it, and murdered because of their faith. Now, the response from the Egyptian government has been swift and strong” he said.

Schultz continued, “clearly, ISIS is growing geographically, now this is the biggest jihad that we’ve seen in our lifetime. They are gaining influence. They have a strong social media presence. They are recruiting more and more every day. Fighters have traveled from around the world to join ISIS in Iraq and Syria…as I see it, the united states is going to have to have a continual reviewal of its strategy. We can’t sit back here and watch hoards of people get their heads cuts off, and why would we tell ISIS that there’s no way we would ever put ground troops in combat situations? I think it has reached a point where we really have to have a very strong debate in this country. As I see it, it’s a religious war. What is going to turn back ISIS?”

Later, he declared “what we’re doing isn’t strong enough, isn’t working.”

(h/t Newsbusters)

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