Levin: ISIS Slaughters ‘While Barack Obama’s Playing Golf’

On Monday, talk radio host and author of “The Liberty Amendments,” Mark Levin said that ISIS continues to slaughter innocent civilians “while Barack Obama’s playing golf”

“Coptic Christians, 21 men who went to Libya to find work. That’s all they did. Taken kidnapped, or hostage, paraded along the ocean’s edge, and simultaneously decapitated in a 5 minute period…while Barack Obama’s playing golf” he stated.

“It’s World War III, whether we’re engaged or not, it’s World War III, and the stench of the 1930s is here, smell it. And nobody can hide from it…there’s no denying what’s going on now, none” he declared.

Levin concluded, “this nation, at some point, needs to rise up, throw off its weak leaders, install real statesmen, and beat the [s*it] out of these…subhumans. And we will, unfortunately, it’ll cost us more lives, and more treasure, because of the idiot who’s President of the United States, in California for three days, playing damn golf again. Yes, it’s World War III. Yes, there’s a caliphate building. Yes, it’s spreading all over the world, while we hollow out our own military, while our borders are wide open, just waiting to get attacked again.”

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