Netanyahu: Going to Congress Because It’s ‘World’s Most Important Parliament’

Monday, speaking to American Jewish leaders in Jerusalem,  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu explained why he is going to speak to Congress on the invitation of  House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH).

Netanyahu explained if Iran is allowed to gain nuclear weapons “the whole world will be in peril,”  and because the current proposal would provide a path for Iran to become a nuclear power it “threatens the survival of Israel,” so he can not pass on the chance to “fulfill his sacred duty as prime minster” to make the case for Israel.

Netanyahu  answered the question of why he must go before the Congress of the United States saying, “Because Israel has been offered an opportunity to make its case on this crucial issue before the world’s most important parliament.”

He added, “Because Congress has played a critical role in applying pressure to the Iranian regime. The very pressure  that brought the ayatollahs to the negotiating table in the first place. And because Congress may very well have a say on the parameters on any final deal with Iran. That’s why I’m going to Congress.”

“I think the real question that should be asked is how could any responsible Israeli prime minster refuse  to speak to Congress on a matter so important to Israel’s survival.  How could anyone refuse an invitation to speak on a matter that could affect our very existence when such an invitation is offered,” he added.

Addressing the controversy over the speech being close to the Israeli elections, Netanyahu said, “Why go now? The deadline for reaching an agreement is March 24. That’s the date that drives the speech.”

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